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S'funny. I read recently that people under the age of 40 are not collecting. That the 'value' of our collections won't hold because there won't be a market for it.

I don't believe it. I think they are just late to the party.


Love your snowmen - I think we even have a couple of the same ones. I have lots of them and I used to leave them out for the winter but these days I pack them up when I pack up Christmas. I just want to be DONE with it all at once.


Wonderful collection! My collection was started by my students. I received a few as Christmas gifts ( the soft cuddly kind) and left them in the classroom through the winter. Slowly more and more showed up. The eventually made their way back to my house where they spent the winter in my kitchen. Last year they hid on me. Couldn't find them anywhere. This year they're back and will stay up through February at least.


There's an 18-foot snowman been in our local news lately -- there's even a Facebook page -- I've sent you an invite. ; )

My mother told me the other day that she needs to add on her to house "for more storage." Holy.holy.holy. Yeah. I definitely know where it came from -- and a double-whammy because my dad's mom was pretty impressive in her collectibility, too (weird stuff, tho).



The snowman collection is a perfect winter decoration and they're wonderful shown together. At least you know when enough is enough. I've seen it in you and that you know when to stop.


Those are super cute and I think it's great that you enjoy them all winter. As for collections, I love them. I have a collection of pitchers, of antique cross-stitch samples with "home" themes and other things. . . :-)

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