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Some young person will be so happy with that scarf. Look at you! You finished it and you picked the right person to git it done an to the PO. That's not procrastinating...that's delegating.


From one kindred spirit to another, the word is "perfectionist". And perfectionism can paralyze us!

I have a pair of felted mittens that I want to embroider. Guess how many embroidery books I've checked out from libraries? No, that isn't a typo; the plural is correct - guess how many libraries I went to to get the books on embroidery?)?

Good for you on the finishing of projects!


Doesn't it feel great to get these projects off the needles? I am in that mode these days, too!


Great WIP busting. The scarf is gorgeous!

I've been called 'anal retentive' about overthinking things, but I like the above comment better -- perfectionist. I think "perfectly done" is better than "done is better than perfect"... a friend and I argue that point all the time in our quilting projects. Her vs. my FO timelines are really different...


I've got 2 more to send off. Also paralyzed with indecision regarding the cards etc... I'll follow your lead.


One of the pieces of advice that I'm using this year is "less thinking, more doing." Sounds like we're on the same page.


You've just put words to the inner workings of my brain, how did you know? This "over-thinking" thing has gotten me into more trouble then not as I've gotten really good at "researching all possibilities of 'Just Do It'". It's comforting to know there are many others out there who thinks like this. Love the scarf! :)


Some of us are over planners. Yes, I know your affliction. What day is the best day to run this errand. What errands can I lump together with this one; should I postpone driving a mile to the PO when I might need to pick something up at the pharmacy the next day.... AHH!


There is some wisdom to be had in the book The Paradox of Choice. It is somewhat related to your dilemma, definitely related to perfectionism. The more choices, the more paralyzed we get.

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