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Hm. I made two pairs of thrummed mittens for certain people about the house... I wonder where they've ended up! It is most definitely thrummed mitten weather here.now!


Heh. Yeah. And yours are lovely for all the trouble you had... I hope, too, that they felt and bit and you're happier with them.
; )


They may have been a pain, but the end result is wonderful.


Talk about high anxiety! The end result is some lovely thrummed mittens in time for the big chill!


I think it was a really good idea to knit the thrums with the main yarn. This way if a thrum works loose (heaven forbid!) there will still be a stitch in its place.


You are the one person I know who would persevere to the end and have a lovely finished mitten. They must feel like heaven.


Your mittens are lovely and totally worth all they put you through. Looking at this weeks weather report I'd say you'll get to wear them quite a bit.


I felt every bit of your anxiety in your description! I'm glad they're done - they look fantastic!


They look great!

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