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MORE. I like the MORE BUTTONS option. Bring on the sewing machine buttonholes, baby.

Same here about posts not being picked up. (Except I noticed that FINALLY Ravelry is picking mine up, so that means that the RSS feed IS working, and therefore I think it means it's not Typepad's fault. I think all the weather stuff and the Olympic stuff, etc., has just given the entire internet constipation.)


Whether you add more button holes or use snaps with buttons on top, more buttons would be better. I like the darker blue if you have enough.
Your feed picked up on Ravelry, Facebook and Google. I think Bloglines is the culprit. It's been a mess for a couple of weeks.


hmm... I like the 5 button options, but if you did the 9 button option you could do 5 "real" buttons and 4 "fake" or snap buttons which might be easier than making new holes.


I like the more option, too.


I like the more option, but am wondering if the combo button hole/snaps thing would look funny when not buttoned all the way up?


There are seldom-seen members of my knitting group -- scarce because Knit Night is also curling night!! My grandfather curled -- there was a club less than 2 blocks from their old house -- and I regret that I never saw him play.


I like the more buttons option. I also like the celtic knots. I think either sewing machine or the afterthought buttonhole. Not sure which would be faster for you to do, but I'm pretty sure only you would notice the difference of the machine buttonholes. Good luck!


I like the 5 dark blue buttons. ;)


I like the 5 light blue/green button option the best!


Celtic buttons. 5 and don't button when wearing. You want it DONE right? T


I love the celtic knot buttons, they are the buttons on my February Lady Sweater. They are heavy buttons. Last night I reattached mine with a backing button for stability. Just an FYI.


I like the 5 navy buttons. The celtic ones are a close second.


Was just visiting old favorite blogs. Yours is on my list. Thanks for the knitting olympics laughs. Very entertaining! April


Thank you- this is freakin' hilarious!

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