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I know how hard it is for you to take a Bronze instead of a Gold. It's not in your character to "make do", but is the sweater wearable and is it worth the extra time? If you decide it needs to be fixed can you take the Bronze and fix it after the Games are over?
A Bronze is better than no medal at all!


Would an afterthought buttonhole (ala EZ) work? I have used this handy little trick a few times myself. It's a little bit fiddly but it is loads faster than the alternative. Might be worth a try to get to the gold! Good luck.


Would just five buttons actually look bad? Especially if you made them on the large side to look more proportionate? Good luck whatever you decide!


OMG....I am laughing right along with Al and Meredith....you positively crack me up!!

I am sorry about the buttons though, knowing you the way I do you must be ready to pull out your hair. :(


What a funny post... though I am sorry for you with the dilemma... hope you have the stamina to live with whatever decision you make, though I have a feeling perfectionism will be involved. Does it help any to know that I love the color....


LMAO, just like Meredith! But OUCH!


Go, Terry!


You are just more than funny!!

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