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Whoa, Terri! That is one serious shiner. Yes, you look like a battered child. Glad it was only a bike accident. Do tell the story.


No tea for you? I can't even imagine you without a mug of tea in your hand. I hope it turns out to be worth the pain of giving it up.


OMG! No tea?!? How do you do it? Live, I mean...no tea...hm...what do you use your Jenny the Potter mug for nowadays,warm water with lemon? I'm SO impressed.


Oh, my goodness. Poor kid! And I mean both the kid who fell off the bike, and the kid who has given up tea. I thought tea was supposed to be so good for us?



I'm still on the floor thinking about the tea. Do you think you feel well enough to give it up for forever? THAT I can't imagine.
My elbows were always a mess from falling off my bike, but I rode it everywhere. Today bikes scare me. I'll walk, too.


NO TEA?! Oh, you poor baby. My sympathies. Also retroactive sympathies on that bike accident.

By the way, if you take up weaving, you can call all that stashed laceweight weaving yarn.


Is this giving up of the tea a permanent condition?


Is the no tea helping yet? I remember those routine dumps off of my bike too....I had a matching shiner ;-)


They are using the same actor for the Dad's lover in the new version. That struck me as really odd.


I think the giving up tea is more shocking than the picture.


What remarkable randomness. Poor bruised face. Poor bruised tea-withdrawing psyche.


Loved loved loved Death at a Funeral.

Get better so you can drink tea. Oh dear.


Love Death At A Funeral and found the trailer from the Chris Rock version put me totally off. I won't to see it and ruin how much I like the original.

No tea..... now that's dedication. Why? Is it the caffeine in it that you had to give it up?


Hey Terry, Nice mug shot.I almost wish there was a photo of at least one of my childhood shiners. I was the classic tomboy.
What's behind the tea thing? Looking forward to photos of the blocked shawl. You do beautiful work.


Is the tea still given up? Perhaps you've thought better of it by now, or did the stubborn kick in?

So many questions....

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