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I love the colors in the bag as well as the lining. It looks as tho that fabric had been created just for lining that bag!


That's large enough to be considered a suitcase! Good job, Teresa. Happy Blue Monday.

Your link is still messed up, but I'm going to fix it as soon as I click this.

ML Petty

Terry, love the bag. You could have carried your girls in it when they were toddlers, forget baby slings, just place baby in bag. I agree, the lining is whimsical, very fun pattern. I must add, I love your hair color. MLu


Teresa, what a gorgeous bag. Beautiful blues and love the size. A great Blue Monday post.

Hugs, Jeanne


You can fit everything in there including the kitchen sink! I love the bag (awesome lining) and so many people were saying the same thing as you made your way around the barns on Saturday. It was so good seeing you!


That bag is amazing. And HUGE! I hope you bring it to NH S&W so I can see it in person.


Twas good to see you, even if briefly. (I didn't even register the bag, there was so many peeps.) It's beautiful! I love the prefelted picture.

Size 15s, whew. Need to let the hands rest on that one. (What yarn is your Featherduster?)


I love it - I can't believe you got through that monster on 15s! Killer!


I loved that bag - you're making me one, right?

Kidding. Anyway, lovely to see you!


You are a rare site and missed by me. I love the bag, your face and your hair.Cute!! The bag would kill me if I tried to knit it. The leather handles are perfect.


you could probably have the hubby carry you around in that bag!

I never got on the felting bandwagon, but have been hankering to do some quick bags and basket/bowl type items...


Amazing. Love it! Especially love that "bubble dress" photo.


You look cute with dark hair. I think this is the first time I've seen it.


What a great bag!! Love it!


I love the bag. It is really fabulous. But I also love your hair! Wow! It really makes your eyes pop! A few years ago I changed my long blonde hair to a short auburn color and also really loved the dramatic change. But for me since I have lots of gray, I ended up having to have it re-touched every 3 1/2 - 4 weeks and that got to be too expensive as well as too time consuming!

Enjoy both.

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