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1.I joined 10 shawls, too....only 2 shawls under my belt at this time but that's ok. I'll knit shawls later.
2. 90% Yum and yikes...it do bite.
3. N/A
4. LOVE Amazing Race. It's fun to go around the world.
5. Meteorologists in Utah have the same problem.
6. Utahan's are gullible in many ways...not just the weather.
7.-8. 10:00pm is my worst hot flash of the day. The covers are off for a good 10 minutes and then suddenly I'm freezing. After 15+ years my flashes are becoming less frequent. I hope yours are short lived.
9. My favorite much says I'm Fine Fine Fine.
10. Smith's asleep can't ask him what's random.
Over and out


10 shawls, huh? Pretty neat goal. I'm 32 and get hot flashes... drives.me.nuts. as a former lab tech, tell Mr.Blue about 1/4 of the cup is good... the lab no longer has to taste your urine for diabetes (yup, they did this- "sweet" urine was diabetic), so they need less, but the cup size stayed the same.

I'll come play 45s... I haven't seen this game since I was a kid. :) I'll even bring cookies.


Mmmmust try that 90% chocolate.

Meteorologists in Wisconsin have it much the same as those in New England (and Utah). Spring is especially difficult.


You cracked me up on 5, 7, 8, 9, 10. Now I have to go kill myself because Margene sez they last for 15 years.

Cindy in Happy Valley

Re: #7...I once read that they usually happen several times a day. SLACKERS!! I was cycling through about 3 times an hour!! And I didn't have to worry about night time. I simply wasn't sleeping. So undressing, and re-dressing, wandering around the house for ice water, etc. meant I wasn't being awakened anyway.


I did have a hot flash once ... or was it a night sweat??


I LOVE all sorts of card games. Wish I lived close enough to play!


I've never played forty-fives, but I'm up for any and all card games.

I sleep under a flannel sheet, a Polartec blanket, and a thick quilt (a puff, I believe they're called). The quilt goes on and off all night long.

I am contractually obligated to finish three more projects. After that I might start on shawls. Just thinking about it brings to mind that gorgeous Kim yarn I bought at SPA.

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