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Dena Elwood

Such beautiful work you do Sweetie...I am doing the blue monday thing and just had to leave a note for you.. I use to crochet like constantly,,now I draw. So, I greatly admire your work..Lovely!!!
Hugs from Dena in Iowa


Gawd that's gorgeous! I've only blocked one shawl and it took me forever- and it was much smaller than yours. Kudos to you!


What a beautiful shawl this is Teresa! I love the lacy look and the shade of blue. Happy Blue Monday.


That is really something! Beautiful yarn, lovely pattern. Had to laugh at the blocking board extensions...me too. No, it doesn't take me three hours, it just feels like it. But my last shawl was heavier yarn. (And my back hurts afterwards, too.)


That's one fantastic shawl! Blocking is a pain in the ass. I always wind up exhausted and sweaty and with a hurting back!


It's such a beautiful shawl! LOVE it. No wonder it took you three hours...it's huge! I often start blocking a shawl only to find it's dry before I'm finished. A spray bottle is a must when blocking light weight yarns. Making sure each scallop is pin properly would have taken forever, too. Anyway...it's nothing if not gorgeous.


You know, if you get tired of all those blue shawls cluttering up your house, I could, possibly, maybe, store one or two or ten at my house for you. If you asked nicely.

(hey, it was worth a shot! GORGEOUS shawl, btw!)


Absolutely gorgeous, T! It takes a long time to pin out a simple sweater -- I can't imagine a huge lace shawl. And my back ALWAYS aches!


Spectacular shawl! Love the border. Blocking lace or anything else takes me forever! Always checking my measurements.

Karen at Briarside Lane

Absolutely beautiful! ...Karen


That is so beautiful. And a lovely choice for Blue Monday.


GORGEOUS! I miss lace...and you!


It's beautiful!

Now I want to knit that shawl. Not that I will. :p


Beautiful! I don't think I have ever taken 3 hours to block a shawl. But, I don't think I have ever knit one with an elaborate, pointy edging like that one. Most of mine have singular points. My back always aches afterwards no matter how long it takes.


Beyond b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I can't believe you finished this is just eight days!!! Now I'm asking myself "is it just me?" I could never finish that quickly...ever! Did you sleep at all? :) Congrats - it's really lovely!


Wow! That is gorgeous! It looks very elegant. Can't wait to see it in person.


Wow, that's gorgeous, especially that edging. And yes, it often takes me an hour to block a shawl (especially a large one), and I find it a huge pain. And I really should wash and re-block most of my shawls now that it's shawl season.

Also, you are to blue shawls as I am to blue sweaters. I'm currently wearing one and knitting on two. (And have many more in my closet.)


The shawl is beautiful!!


Huh? You knit that ginormous beautiful shawl in 1 week? I am so not worthy...


especially since it's blue. There just can't be enough blue in the world.

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