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So pretty!! You will have to tell me more about your suspended bindoff...


That's beautiful! I adore the color. Have it queued , just need to buy the pattern. Thankful to call you friend. :-)


Lovely! (Yuck on having to pull out the bindoff.) Tnx for the heads up on the sale, too.

You are just the best, and I'm glad the internets and knitting let us be friends.


Beautiful! I love so many of Kirsten's designs! I got blue nail polish yesterday when I had my mani/pedi and I thought of YOU!


Very pretty!!


You know, sometimes I wonder why I buy and knit and spin anything but blue. I love blue. Love love love. And I'll echo Kim - tell us about your suspended bind-off.


Your shawl is gorgeous and you did the right thing. Hamamelis is on my list right after Fog Lifter. Ulmus is a wonderful shawl and I'd make it again, but it's heavier and more of a winter feel. Kristin's patterns are wonderful.


Nice butt. :D


It's just beautiful! And as always, I am amazed by your speed (says she who is taking weeks to make a child's hat!!) Please tell us more about your suspended bind-off...


It's beautful. It is next on my list. I have the yarn sitting and waiting till I finish a project.


Lovely shawl!

Cute hair!

Nice butt!


I love that shawl and picked up the pattern! You are cranking on the challenge!

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