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Oh grrl! I do know about having a Rabbit Habit. Kim's colors and yarns are additively beautiful and we won't even go into how many Wee Bunny Bags I own.
Now your shawl! It's gorgeous and I LOVE Kim's Kashmir (as you probably know as I'm finishing up a sweater in the same yarn). May the shawl bring peace to your friend. When you feel helpless, knitting something beautiful for another is a nice way to give back.


The shawl is gorgeous and a wonderful gift for your friend, who must be going through hell right now.


Oh your poor friend! We just buried a wonderful man today who died waay too young of a brain tumor leaving a wife and 3 kids in their teens and early 20's. 4 months from diagnosis to death. So not fair. Prayers to your friend and her loved ones. I'm sure the gorgeous shawl will be a source of great comfort to her.


Terry, your knitting is always exquisite. I hope that this beautiful shawl brings this young woman some comfort during this difficult time in her life.

As always I love you for your kind words!



Ya know, I've always wondered about that pattern. So much drama for a piece of lace. :?


Blessings and love to your dear friend...what a difficult journey she is just beginning. Your gorgeous shawl will hopefully surround her with love and comfort during the days ahead. She is blessed to have you as a friend.


The shawl is beautiful. I hope it brings some comfort to your friend.

Kim's yarns are so nice and I love the Wee Bunny Bags, 2 of them live with me.


I love the shawl and hope it is a source of balm for your friend!


Gorgeous shawl. Your friend and her family are in my prayers.


Oh, so beautiful. I'm so so soooo sorry about your friend.


Absolutely gorgeous shawl! Must get some Woolen Rabbit yarn!


Just beautiful! And what a lovely gift for your friend. I tend to agree about superwash... it's crunchy/squeaky to knit with.


Crossing my fingers for your friend. That shawl is a big, beautiful hug.


You are so inspiring with all the shawls. One day I'll knit lace again.

And your friend - I can't even imagine - it's good you are there for her.


Very beautiful shawl. The color is gorgeous. I'm so glad this one is in my queue. I only hope I can find yarn as pretty as the one you used.


That is seriously beautiful.

Mary Lou

What a wonderful gift. I wandered over here from Etherknitter to see the superwash info. I am just finishing a stole in Madelinetosh Lace superwash. It is so sproingy it is making seeing my work difficult. I withhold judgment till blocked.

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