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It's beautiful! Happy Blue Monday.

My Blue Monday.

Diann @ The Thrifty Groove

That is absolutely beautiful!


Gorgeous! You're inspiring me to finish the one I have on the needles.


Oh, that's right! Blue Monday. THat is beautiful. I like the subtlety of the beading.

It's sunspots on thet typing thing. Happening to me too. STuff comes out from the keyboard that I didn't put there.

I need to do another Swallowtail. When I finish FeatherDuster, Onerva, Volt, Annis and Andrea's Shawl.


I like that pattern, Teresa, and of course, it looks great in blue!

Happy Blue Monday.


That's really beautiful!


It's a beautiful little shawl. Having a friend that can help with alterations is such a gift - I have one, too, and I'm constantly amazed at how she can fix a dress.


Face to face is the best way to communicate, but it's hard to stay friends with someone who is 1000s of miles away if that's the criteria. I am so thankful for spell check it isn't even funny. Your blue shawl looks elegant and your friend will be very pleased to wear it as a thank you. I need to knit a shawl for a s-i-l and I'm full of angst about which to do. Our talents keep up sane.


Terry it's SO beeutiful!!!


I love your shawls! This one is a beauty too! The beads perfect.
Cracking up at Laurie's "sunspot" comment. I totally agree. I suffer the same and I use the "hunt and peck" method for typing.




That is a lovely blue shawl. You are doing a really great job.

Mrs. Magpie

Wow! That is such an amazing shade of blue, and I can't believe you signed up to do so many! No wonder your fingers are hitting the wrong buttons. It's amazing you have fingers left at all. But for every missed key, you are hitting the right notes with your knitting. I mean, it's beautiful. Great job!

Happy Blue Monday to you (and I look forward to voice activated technology, too)!


Sheila :-)


I'm with Margene... it's the curse of the internet to be able to make so many wonderful friends from all over the world with whom I'd love to sit and knit and chat on a regular basis, but until I'm able to twitch my nose to get from here to there...


We're back -- and I love the shawl ... and I love the story more! I could feel your panic a the thought of working on Erin's beautiful dress!

I bought some gorgeous yarn in Alaska -- can't wait to show it to you and get your opinion on an appropriate shawl!

Tall Kate

I just found your blog, and I have to tell you I have had a window open to this post all day just so I can keep coming back and gaze at this stunning blue beaded shawl. Exquisite. Thanks for sharing.


Holy guacamole, that's a gorgeous shawl. I don't know what it is with me and blues lately -- I love blue to begin with, of course, but right now I can't get enough.

I was interested in your remarks on superwash in the previous post. I haven't really caught the shawl bug myself yet, but now I think of it you are right, nearly all merino fingering I see is superwash. It doesn't bother me, since I'm mostly thinking of socks, but it would be annoying if you wanted it for something else.

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