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Pure magic!
I am in awe of your talent!


It was/is an amazingly beautiful shawl, and Claire did indeed sparkle. You are a wonderful friend, Terry!


Beautiful shawl, well worth the ripping and re-knitting with the crystals. The bride is shimmering, she looks so happy!


It's wonderful. Perfect and gorgeous, just like everything you knit. I know how you worry and obsess over the details, though, so I'm glad you got through this and were happy in the end.


Simply stunning! Beautiful shawl for a beautiful bride.


Absolutely beautiful! I am a "close enougher" and sometimes I wish was a perfectionist. I let things slide and spend time regretting. I think both sides need to find a middle ground.


Because you are you, you create the most amazingly beautiful shawls. Finding balance and middle ground is not easy for anyone and you actually do...at the last possible moment. The happy bride is proof you made the right choice. You deserve to celebrate your prowess!


So very beautiful. I'm inspired to finish my Swallowtail in progress now. Did you do 19 repeats of the Budding Lace?


That shawl is stunning. I so totally do that dithering thing! In fact, I think you may have gotten it from me. Or I got it from you. Anyway, we both have it, only mine is usually about something like a blanket square.


I vacilitate back and forth as you do...in the end, I usually knew the "best choice" right from the very beginning! Why do I do this to myself...it's because I want it to be "perfect" and fall head over heals in love with it...which is exactly what happened when I saw the marriage of Swallowtail and Swarovski crystals...perfection!

You've encouraged me more than you'll ever know with your knitting and blog...how nice to hear from you recently! I've missed you whole bunches!


"Close enough" is for when you're seaming the underarm on a sweater you've made for yourself, not for a shawl you're knitting for a bride. You were right to follow your instincts!


Beautiful! All that pondering and worrying over a project is normal, right? ;^)



Gail H.

The beauty of your lace knitting reflects the thought and care you take with it - and
your quest for perfection creates lovely results. I'm glad you were happy with it after all that agonizing! The bride obviously was!

1000 crystals!!


Both the story and the shawl are amazing. WOW.


Gorgeous, Terry. And those crystals were the right call. As I say to my kids, "take pride in your work." You always do and it shows!

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