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Today, #3 seems like a Very Good Idea.


Ha! Love your list.


I wonder how much a flight to Tibet costs...


I tried #1; it wasn't nearly as much fun as you'd think. When I left him, I walked away from the money, too. I did manage to accomplish #2, though.

Christmas shopping: I do not go to malls after Thanksgiving. I do my Christmas shopping in the smallest towns possible - I prefer Shelburne Falls, but I'll take Greenfield or Brattleboro if need be.

(Oh, and I love that you're posting again.)


Great list!


Great list!! Better not let anyone know when you move to Tibet. Visitors, you know?


Thank you for the review of shawls.
I'd like to do #5 and while I may not, I plan on cleaning as if it was happening.


The having of stuff is vastly overrated.

I wonder what is up with your camera.

Gail H.

Beautiful shawls! There are a lot of good ideas in your list. I'd like to work at #7. I'd need to add one for holiday shopping:
#12. Don't shop after a great lunch with wine. (I want to buy everyone I know a great gift!)


This is going to sound stupid, but did you try taking the batteries out of the camera and putting them back in? When I do that with mine, it resets everything back to out of the box dates and settings. Just a thought.


The Spirit Trails ladies (Shelia?) told me you did the Dovecote sample. Okay, not you. Different Terry. (There's more than one?)

Like #1. Blew it. Did #2. Spot on.


Hee hee. Especially the "no forwarding address"!

Hey, is Claire's shawl there?


#1 would take care of everything else.


I found Claire's shawl, but the photograph doesn't do it justice: it is so much prettier in person with the light shining on it!

I'm a big believer in simplifying Christmas shopping, but I am afraid I am almost Scrooge-like. I need to be better about all gift-buying ... and contemplating that feels stressful!

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