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Lovely shawls, as always. That last one is Bee Fields, right?


Gorgeous shawls! I know what you mean about the fast pace of technology.


Well, as one of your 10 or so readers I will be happy to see you more often this month. Beautiful shawls, every one.


You ARENT too old for this. Stop it. STOP IT. Did you count the Spirit Trails Dovecote in your count? I'm too old to remember. Hahahahahahahaha!


Lovely shawls!


I love your shawls! The Bee Fields Shawl is spectacular! Oh and I know the answer. :-) As Laurie correctly pointed out, I don't think you counted the Dovecote sample for Spirit Trails. Looking forward to seeing you here everyday. We've missed you.


yummm! I've put off Bee Fields, but after seeing that pic. I've moved it up on my list.


You make my fingers itch to knit lace. Beautiful, all of them.


NaBlo! Maybe...

Oh, your lace is so lovely. ; )


It seems to me we haven't heard about all the shawls before number 7. They are all beautiful. Will you tell us more about the yarns and patterns? Typepad changes all the time and it's highly annoying. It's not too hard to figure out and if you need help let me know. Welcome back!!


the color on that last one is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous!


I hope with time the adjustment to life without Princess is a bit easier. I'm still surprised at how long it took me to adjust to the loss of my last cat.

Seven is quite lovely... and, yes, any post by you will be most welcome. This month or at any other time.

Gail H.

As a faithful reader, but infrequent commenter, I'm happy to have you blog more frquently! I'll try to comment more often too!


I love the shawls, Terry! Is the last one the one you borrowed the squares to block?


When I read my post, I realized I had not said how beautiful the shawls are ... but they are!


Beautiful shawls..as yours always are!
Glad you are taking part in NaBloPoMo...looking forward to reading your posts!


Ahhhh, I am on number 9. Number 8 is on the blocking board. Not sure what will be number 10. Your shawls are beautiful.


Is Number 7 Feather Duster? Such a pretty color, such a pretty pattern. And the deep wine of Number 9 is absolutely gorgeous! I am in awe.

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