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That video was sweet! And I like how your random posts often start off random and then coalesce around a theme.


You started my day out right...with a laugh! Smith and the dogs think I'm crazy...well, they already know I'm crazy, but you know, now they know! lol


I remember seeing that video earlier in the year and it's a hoot!

Heh, I did try it. Who knew? Lol. Now I do.


Thanks for the laugh. We can all use a good one.


Cows? Really? Yet I would never dream of going shark tipping. Go figure. ;^)


I tried it, too. I may have to mention that one at work to see how many immediately try it.

My cousins grew up on a dairy farm and we spent a little time with the cows. I could see a heifer attack, they were a pain. The worst that happened to me up there was touching the electric fence by mistake right before sledding down a big hill.


So so funny! Yes, I DID try it.

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