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Plan on being in Australia for at least a week: it is a big country and the knitting/sheep are at the opposite end from the Great Barrier Reef! I have been to the latter, but not the former, altho we did visit a sheep farm in New Zealand (and I am still kicking myself that I did not purchase yarn there.)


Why Thailand? Just wondering.


I'm pretty sure the reason we get everyone to go on our summer vacation to Cape Cod is because we pay. Yup, but it's okay, I love having them all together. You know that Sharon's daughter and son-in-law will be in Thailand for the next 3 years, right? You have an "in" over there!


I love the part about "alone time" - it's such a wonderful luxury - you, your thoughts, your knitting. Very nice.


Haha, #10! I'm always saying that I liked arranging things so much better when the kids were little and *I* was in charge! If I can get 'em all around the table to share a dinner once in a while, I'm doin' good these days.

I can so relate to #8 -- though my preferred "alone time" has always been for everyone else to go somewhere and leave me Home Alone!

; )


I was just telling a girlfriend that if we were going to go anywhere we would have to bring her husband with us to act as our sherpa. I don't think that's asking too much. Do you? ;^)

Don't ask Pete what he thinks. I can guess. *L*


My parents spend two weeks on a cruise from Australia to New Zealand with time in each place at the beginning and end. My mother loved it but still haven't knit the sweater she planned with the wool she bought.


Hey Soup Girls!
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blog posts about Falmouth Heights to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you :)

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