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This post is worth at least $135.00. So you got a bargain!


Seeing any post from you is priceless!!


Wow, this post makes me feel GREAT. I definitely get my money's worth out of the blog. That is one thing in my life that has prolly been the case. Also, the blender has already paid for itself for me. Wow, Norma 2, Expenses 0!!!! Well, that's for TWO things in my life, anyway.

We won't talk about the yoga clothes and paraphernalia. I go to Bikram five times, decide I need to get a membership, buy a whole bunch of new clothes and a fancy hot yoga towel, then don't go again for half a year and my membership expires. Happens (almost) every time! Am currently hoping that is not the case with the running thing, but not so sure about that.

So, what was I saying about that scorekeeping? Norma ZERO, Expenses TOO MUCH!!! :D


BUT great to see you blogging!


What Margene said. Hell, I'd pay you!


Yup I'm with Kathy! We call your "spinning rainbow wheel of panic" the Pizza Wheel of Death. Usually results in a re-start, force quit , crash or something just as unpleasant. Great to see you back!


Anything that gets you blogging more is just fine with me.


Ey yi yi grrl....this post made me dizzy! It's one of the reasons why I love you so and any reason you find to post more, I'm all for it!


mbt mens sandals

The shoes feel great and my feet felt great wearing them. However, normally my feet are supinated and these shoes correct that whether you want them to or not - which in my case caused knee pain. In hindsight, I would have gradually increased wearing time each day.

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