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Lee Ann

I deeply love the sheepie crock.


Hahahahaha!! Yep, I think you've been punked!


Hehehehe. Punked! Glad there was a happy ending after all of that angst.


he! I hate when that happens, and it does. Don't feel like the Lone Ranger.
Now that you've shown your crock of spindles.. I'm doomed. I love / want / need // one of the carved sheep Goldings. I 've never seen that one before. Special commission?


Hahaha - that's too funny.

My friend once screamed at her husband "Where's the baby?" when we were picnicking in Central Park. She enters a panic about her toddler and starts screaming for everyone to look for him. I looked at her with a straight calm face and said "Um, he's nursing" and she looked down in her lap, and sure enough, there he was, safe as could be, nursing.


I guess the important thing us that you have it back - but still - I'd want to know how it could have just shown up.


I remember that prop crew from a Twilight Zone or TV show like that.
Sometimes we look TOO hard. Now that it's back safely you can ply that yarn! I love your teapots and spindles!


I love your family!!!!


And I covet the spindle with the tourquoise/star -- what is it? I LOVE it.


Thank goodness Pete looked!

That happened to me with the car keys the other day. Spent 30 minutes searching and muttering about how I had to have them when I came home because I had the CAR with me. /sigh Behind me on the counter the whole time.



How perfect to find two things you love in one item in my opinion this is the best tea pot for you from what I read.

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