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Love it!!


Oh dear....I will call you tomorrow. LOVING all of the blue!


Where there's a plan, there's a way. And that project needs a plan.:)
And it's going to be awesome :())


Oh, you are so funny. I'm going to love watching you do this, I can tell. And you know the best thing about your posts is that I hear your voice in my head while I'm reading them. Love you!


Your river is a wide one and probably really, really deep. I think you need a bigger paddle.


I am smiling... a sign of recognition!
Good luck, lady. I'll be cheering you on.


Hilarious post! Before you researched Elann you should have called me. I found out the hard way that they tend to offer Den-M-knit once during the summer and then that seems to be it until the next year. I never did end up knitting that darling little denim jumper dress from one of Erika Knight's children's books. As for the blanket, sure hope you find that bigger paddle. And try a really thin microfiber fleece for the lining. They used to have the kind that doesn't pill, but I don't know anymore.


Nice job on the toes (especially that one...) !!


I think we need a graphic to show blanket progress. . . it always makes me feel better to see that and it sounds like you have time on your hands to get that organized. Isn't it funny how all common sense flies out the window when you become enchanted by a particular knitting project? I'm going to be following along and rooting for you.


I loved this peek into your process. I like Chloe's suggestion for the lining.

Hope your toe gets better, and it doesn't sound wonderful about ankle bruising. You can be the poster girl for wearing it out rather than rusting it out.


let's hope it doesn't take you as long as it is taking me to finish 20 squares! On my 17th square (soon to be 18) and in my 4th year...yeah you heard me...4th year.
Are you telling me that I have to consider LINING mine too? OMG... I will NEVER finish!


i like ur toes

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I "like" you on Facebook. Would love these for my oldest boy!

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