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Aww...we love you, that's why we visit. :-)


It's the element of surprise; you blog about a variety of things, so one never knows what she'll find in your posts!

Congratulations on finishing the month! You done good. :)

- I missed a day in the first week.
- That was the end of NaBloPoMo for me.
- And the last post I've made.
- But I did take photos and created posts in my head.
- If I wrote them up, I'd be all set for next year.
- Not now; it's late and I need to think about going to bed.
- :)


What Kim said. And don't you dare even THINK about giving up this blog!


i liked your blog posts, especially these lists. they make me laugh. also, if i drive to work, i find myself lingering at work a lot because the thought of the drive home exhausts me. heh.


The blogworld is more complete when you're a part of it. When you disappear for long periods of time it strikes fear into my heart. You're a brick in my foundation. You must show your beautiful knitting. I miss seeing what you've created and how, when you did it. I'd love to hear more about this Wool Peddlers shawl (although I can probably guess).


You are awesome! I'd like to see some of those FOs, please. Thank you.
; )


I have enjoyed having this to look forward to reading each day this month!

Barbara M.

I love coming back to read everyday! (It's the blogs where I come back everyday for 2 months just to see the same old post left 2 months ago that get me down!) Just like a "real friend' a "virtual or blog friendship thrives on mini-updates, and just plain keeping in touch. Thanks for giving me a whole month!

Barbara M.

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