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I have to just say that I love that you are still posting so frequently. AND keep it up!


I had a lot of hits the other day for no reason...I didn't even post and my stats didn't show anything or anyone link. Confusing, but good! I just don't have time to pull together a post a day any more.
Young boys are the most aggressive driversand people who drive SUVs (the expensive kinds) just feel entitled. I hate driving. It brings out the worst in me.


i had a boost of hits and i don't know why either. oh well.

if you think it's bad when you drive a sedan, try driving a mini. people think they can just intimidate you into submission. if my car wasn't bright red, i would never get noticed.

also, pedestrians that don't look both ways irk me. what if i had a heart attack? or dropped dead behind the wheel. what then?


I simply adore Mark O'Connor. I've been listening to him since way back when he was part of the "house band" for American Music Shop, sheesh, twenty years ago.

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