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That is a really sweet table runner. I love the way you quilted it and agree that intentionally uneven is easier to achieve. I also love that the word "yay" for your Santa collection is in smaller letters. I completely get it.


I love that you love uneven.


Lovely runner! Yeah, who knew that you could put up with let alone purposely go for the uneven look. I love it! Mwah!


I, too love that you love uneven! Crafting of any sort brings out ADD with a vengeance. How can we keep up with everything we love to do with out hands? Your runner is charming and all the better for its uneveness. Nice work! Creepy Santa.


Hi Terry. I'm just happy to "see" you! Thanks.


Amaryllis flowers make me so happy. That touch of color in the middle of winter makes me smile. I love that runner I'm thinking a seasonal runner project would be a fun one to work on (if I ever put my sewing machine back together)

lisa mcguire

Love the table runner! The fabrics, the patterns and especially the uneveness of the lines; just perfect in my book!


You know how much I love this little runner....its so pretty!!


I have a very similar Santa. I've probably had him since 1966 or 1968 when my aunt and uncle gave him to me. He only stands but the faces and beards are almost identical to yours. He has a musical wind up box in his back that plays "Jingle Bells". My husband hates when I take him out at Christmas as he is pretty worn and dirty now. I should try to find a way to clean him. It was funny seeing yours. I thought this Christmas I was the only person still left with one. Give it another 30 years and your kids won't mind taking him on an Antiques Roadshow.

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