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I think my favorites of the ones you listed are Mother and Child Reunion and For Once in my Life. I'm glad you decided to join in this Tuesday.


You had me until CCR.
Posting tunes has made us all happy regardless of our divergent tastes! Music is the common language. Let's dance!


I love "Black Water" and I love the Queen one. Did you know Brian May (lead guitarist) has a PhD in astrophysics?

But how can you choose just ten?


I know!! I told Carole that I had to take deep breaths and remind myself that I was choosing 10 songs -- not the ONLY 10 or the BEST 10 or even my FAVORITE 10 -- just 10 songs that made me happy. I did end up listing a few more than that, but whatever. ;)


OMG!!! I haven't listened to them all yet but the Elephant song......brought back THE best memories. I used to sing that with my kids when helping them to dress all those years ago....thank you for the smile!


...and a little later, looking at all of your tunes...yep, we are sisters. :-)


You introduced me to Queen. And every time I watch him, I cry a little inside for premature and tragic death.


Please, please, please, with all my heart, do not let this blog go. I can't imagine blogland without you! Even a post here and there is better than loosing 8 years of knitting, pictures and posts!


What heyday isn't today?


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