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Nice project, pocket is essential! I've made a few covers to protect the the small army of machines that I've collected but just eyeballed the dimensions. Never considered quilting one, hmmm. You may have started something here. Btw, got my Swoon quilt all quilted, looks fantastic, 10X better, I know quilting does that, now the binding :)


In 1972 I bought, with the help of a loan, my one and only sewing machine, a Bernina (it might be an 801?). I still have it, it still works (some of the gears were replaced about 10 years ago) and, after reading your saga, I am very thankful it came with a carry case.
Your case is darling! Since everything I do takes several tries to get right, I understand your pain. No one would ever know you had trouble, as the case looks marvelous!


My machine has a case -- U.G.L.Y. Your cover is wonderful -- I love that "happy feeling" feeling!

My mom had a Singer, probably because her mom had one (a treadle - I don't think she ever used anything else); Ali has it now. My stepmom owned a fabric/craft store and had a Husqvarna -- she and my dad gave me a good ol' used one way back in the '70s, I think. It's a workhorse and the only machine I've ever really used.


Hey, I have that machine! And I'm not crazy enough to sew it a fancy-ass cover. Just crazy enough to fill closets with fleeces I'll never get around to spinning. To each their own brand of craziness.


I LOVE it!!! What makes it even better is that you now love it too!


Oh man, the bernina 830 is possibly the best machine ever made. I love that thing, my mom has 2 and I wish I could steal one from her, but there are 5 daughters, all crafty and it would end in war.
I love your cover, it is awesome


Ha ha! I love your stories!

The cover is beautiful.


I don't sew. I think what you are doing is simply magic. No other explanation exists. Magic, as we know from Harry Potter, doesn't always produce the results we think we were looking for. I think that explains everything.

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