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Beautiful! I made a mediocre Happy Hour a few years ago but yours is really lovely - the quilting alone is incredible!


It's beautiful and I love the color combo - those are the colors of my living room now, in fact. Your quilting looks fantastic and you know what we always say in our quilting group - done is better than perfect. I know that's a hard concept for you but honestly, the quilt is gorgeous and I don't see how you could have made it any better!


I love the quilt. Have you seen the (baby)quilts Pam has made for my grandkids?


I have always loved this quilt....so pretty and perfect for a little boy!

I may have to go take a look at the Quilt festival. I actually finished quilting the top of my quilt yesterday...

Queenie Believe

Beautiful quilt both front and back!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Love that quilt. I'm away from the machine for a few weeks but I have a new top waiting at home when I get there.


What a fabulous quilt! I love the way you used the "second quilt" for the back-- what a great look. And the quilting is divine. Thanks for sharing! :)


Those colors together are very cozy. LOVE the quilting, good for you!


I can see why you don't want to part with it. Such harmony in the colors. The thread stuff is lost on me...I don't understand other than different bobbin, top colors.


It's beautiful and your nephew is lucky to be getting it. As you said , you have scraps for another, then you can do the thing you wished you had done differently on the next one. :-)

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I have that book and want to make that quilt, especially after seeing yours. I've been playing with straight-line quilting also, and I like to use low-tack painter's tape to lay my lines out. It doesn't leave any residue on the fabric and you can reuse it several times before it loses it's stick. And I love variegated threads, too! It's weird how they compliment the quilt and blend into the background, while they make the quilt pop and seem to add another layer of color all at the same time. I think they make not-so-perfect quilting look really artsy and professional. I have a pattern for a sewing machine cover that is similar to yours that I got from the book "1-2-3 Sew!" I want to sew panels of selvedge together to make the stripey bit in the center.


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