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You were at NH sheep and wool for these pictures....love that and love you in this sweater! Now I just need to finish mine......someday. ;-)

Mary Lu

And I thought you were at the Deerfield Fair... not enough people in the background though. Love this sweater, Terry; then again, I love everything you make. This one looks like something I could handle.


Such a beautiful sweater! The color and fit are perfect.

I understand the pursuit of the perfect button. Sometimes, you just can't compromise.


Love that sweater! And love how you got your photos done at NHS&W! I have a soft spot for that venue (it was my first) and sad it's held elsewhere now.


This sweater turned out great! I remember trying to help with the way the pattern didn't fit at the shoulders. You had to write the designer and she eventually changed it. The color and style are perfect on you!!


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