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Safari mittens might be the very coolest, and most amazing, mittens I've ever seen!


No links, eh?


ANd yeah, the Safaris are STUNNING.

Mary Lu

Can we have a "mitten" knitting class, Terry. I want to make all of them but have never knit mittens... haven't knit anything in awhile and Amber is asking for an icelandic type sweater! Help is needed, guidance and instruction.


You are welcome. I love the purple elephants, they are perfect for Erin. And I know what you mean about seeing all those mitten patterns - my Ravelry queue has exploded, too!


Wow - those are amazing!

denise copeland

Ditto what Jennifer said!


OMG, i LOVE these!


I love the mittens -- all of them, but especially the zebra mittens! If you start a class, I'll come ... just to knit with other people!


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