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One of the 10 best posts ever. And not because I am quoted.


Great post! So are you keeping track of all of those sts you've knit? Hope they still count toward the monthly total even if you rip them out. Have you started driving south yet for hot cuppa tea??


We are so stubborn. I wish I could say I'm learning to be less stubborn, but no, I'm not. And yeah, there's something about knitting with worsted-weight yarn that hurts my hands these days. Fingering-weight yarn, not nearly so much, but oh, those worsted-weight sweaters I'll never finish, sigh. (Who am I kidding? I wasn't going to finish them back in my supple-handed youth, either.)


I think Rene is gorgeous! It looks like something I would find on your blog, something that you had vivid fantasies about. I can see the photo of you by the pool. To be honest, I was surprised when I clicked that first link. I don't see that as being you at all...
I tend to not write totally honest comments when they are less than positive but the adult in me is telling you the truth. Sorry...


My dreams aren't as fully fleshed out as yours and I cave much earlier as you do, as obsession doesn't take hold the way it does with you.
I remember the days of Charlotte's Web Koigu obsession and the many, many skeins you searched out for the many, many Charlotte's you meant to knit. You are still OUR Terry and we love it.


I can honestly say I've never had a dream about knitting that's been quite this detailed and vivid. The fact that you have, though, is just one of the many reasons why I love you! Listen to the voice, Terry, and back away from knitting things that hurt your hands and arms!


I love you so much!


Hey, what weblog theme are you guys employing? It looks awesome!

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