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amanda {the habit of being}

i think typepad does it just to annoy you.

and elf!!! a fave around here especially with my short set. the christmas movies were unearthed yesterday so i'm expecting the daily viewings of elf and the grinch to begin any moment now.


I have never watched Elf.

I've noticed that with the bulleted lists, also, and do not like it! I think I'll let them know.


And I just did.


Lots of good stuff in this post: pie and winning football games and martinis and Elf more. Love you!


Honey, it's not a holiday until the fire department shows up at the house.


Great post! So you flambéed the cake?? Lol. Our youngest dog helped himself to a quarter of our pumpkin pie as I was setting the table and went back to the kitchen to baste the turkey! Good thing he's cute. Yes, I cut out the offending portion and we ate the pie. :-)


Loved the detoxify blog. Thanks for sharing it. BF has been off sugar and whites for 2.5 years and he looks and feels so much better. I'm not there (I've gone off and on again several times over the past 8 years... but never seem to do it permanently.) This was a very motivating post. Thanks!


I have no trouble with the mechanics of casting on in the tubular method....it's the knitting back that drives me round the bend.
Follow Vicki's lead and complain to Typepad. They may do something about it...who knows.


I'm going to try the green beans. I love the Campbell soup one, but it's so processed!

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