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I do like those blue wooden ones but I think they are all fabulous and I know you'll choose the perfect ones. Well. If you ever choose. Hooray for lolling. It's a good thing.


I like the wooden ones best too.


Make it three...after careful consideration I like the wooden blue. The others are too small or too shiny, at least across the interwebs.
Read Dew Breaker some time ago. Danticat is a great writer. I'm anxiously awaiting Kingsolver's new novel...tomorrow!!


I like the blue wooden buttons the best.


I like the blue wooden buttons best, too. Looks to be unanimous so far. :)


Also voting for the blue wooden buttons. And speaking of voting....... everyone should do it tomorrow if they haven't already.


I like the wooden ones too... and the stone ones. Seriously, you can't go wrong with such a gorgeous sweater!


Judy sells buttons?! I did not know that...

I like the wood ones. Would it be so wrong to occasionally change the buttons on that sweater as the mood strikes?


You were at the Big E? Ack! I am so sorry to have missed you. I was there on Saturday and made more than one stop at Judy's gorgeous booth :)


Blue gradients (#2). I usually pick something no one else does.


I like the idea of changing them ... That way it always looks like a new sweater!


Do you remember button covers?
Great to see you. I like the random silver but would probably wear the gradient blue.


Buttons: hmm. I'm not sure. Why don't you just send me the sweater and all the buttons, and then I can choose?

Oh, wait, it won't fit me. Never mind.


I love the wooden buttons. They don't detract from the sweater which is lovely.
I never labor over a decision, I tend to go with my gut and know right away what my choice would be, for buttons anyway.

amanda {the habit of being}

i like the blue wooden ones as well. seems to me popular opinion demands blue wooden buttons. now, what will the electoral college of all things buttons say?


The blue wooden ones fit really nicely!


I heard all about the 'lolling about ' from Carole last nite teehee


I like the blue wooden buttons in the photos. I don't like the swirly ones as well in the pix, oddly.


I like the wooden buttons and the stone buttons. And yes, lolling is always good ;)


I think the wooden buttons are a little big. My favorites are the gradient blues, and then the stone. Intriguing silver buttons, though!

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