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Jane Fryburg

Beautiful Terry. You saved a family heirloom. They'll always remember that. Very sweet of you. Jane


I am so proud of you!


Oh thank goodness you went with the practical way. Hooray for you! Great job on that fix, it looks perfect.


I completely love that you did this. Creative solution, and I know your friends will appreciate it.


Good job! You did something special for a friend. No one will know and the stocking will be well loved and used for years!


Yay, Terry! That was a perfectly acceptable - and sane - decision!

Beth T

Terry, thank you so much! My mother always knit each family member a stocking when they were born or married into our family. My mom died 16.5 years ago. The stocking you changed for us was knit by my sister who also made one for our third son, Bryce, when he was born. She didn't realize that our mother had made one for Graham who was only a year old when Mom died. Doug's mom, Charlotte, made one for our next son, Cole, when he was born, but it was very painful for her hands. So when Reid came along and both of the knitters in our family were unable to make one last stocking we used Graham's "extra" stocking and pinned Reid's name to it. A couple of years ago we decided we needed to come up with a solution. When Doug saw what an avid knitter you were he thought he might be able to convince you to give it a try. We truly appreciate your willingness and amazing skill! Reid will be so surprised and excited when he sees it! My sister used larger gauge needles and yarn than my mom so Bryce and Reid have bigger stockings...looks like they will get an extra pair of socks or tube of toothpaste! Thank you again for your help.

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