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Happy Blogiversary, Terry! So glad to have met you and so many other wonderful knitters and friends via this platform.

Lots of gray garter stitch mojo to you because, well, because there are BABY THINGS TO KNIT!!


Happy blogiversary to you! Joining Vicki in sending garter stitch mojo, because BABY THINGS!! (I think it is next to impossible to type those words with lowercase letters.)


If it wasn't for blogs, I never would have met you. And that certainly would have been my loss.


You always get straight As in my book! I started blogging in March. You were my first commenter (I believe). The connections we make are well worth the time wasted looking at the screen.


I missed mine too but only by a day. I'm glad you're here and yeah, all that other stuff, too. So do you like The Goldfinch? I loved The Little Friend and I've been excited to read this but I've heard a couple of people mention that they didn't really like it and that's a bummer.


happy blogiversary girlfriend. Ive enjoyed our musings


Happy Blogiversary Terry! So glad for the blogs, you and that I can call you friend. It has been a fun ride. Fingers crossed the grey blob is done in no time so the baby knitting can begin in earnest!


Happy day, my friend!


Happy Blogiversary! I will hit my tenth year in June. I have so many thoughts that I will save until then, but I am so happy that I met you in this crazy world we call blogging. :)


I do love this post. Happy blogiversary. I am glad you did this so I could find you. Yours was one of the first I followed. Is.


Happy Blogiversary! Hope the grey thing is moving along so you can start on the baby knits.

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