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Mary Lu

Wow, your words stirred up "reading" memories and brought me to tears. Thank you.


My mom took us to the library every week where she'd allow each of us 10 books. If we were reading we could get out of doing many chores, so I read a bunch. Schools had fantastic libraries when I was a kid and I brought home as many books as I could. Also, loved the book mobile! So many great memories are wrapped up with books. Without reading none of us would be friends!


You've reminded me to prioritize my practice of mindfulness meditation.


Gosh your 'reading history' could be a duplicate for my own. My dad said once that my mother was the reader, that he was not. But every time he sits down, to supposedly watch tv, he has a book or magazine on his lap. I started reading to my son for at least 30 minutes every night before bed ...well I know definitely by his 6th month, so when he was not reading by the end of the 1st grade it was really strange, but with help from SpEd teachers and the fact he did love reading he was on grade level by grade 6 and as an adult always has a book with him.
Thank you for the memories.


I'll be brief - since you weren't haha - reading is bomb.


Yes, those Scholastic Book Order pamphlets...I lived for them!


I hope your blogbuds take the meditation and breathing ideas and work with them. Such inexpensive, easy life-changers, with no bad side effects.


So many memories conjured up with this post. I DO remember SRA. Even though I went to an American school in Greece, we did have SRA in the classroom!! I loved in 5th grade being able to go up and choose a card and level out of that big box, read and then answer the questions. And I adored reading to my kids when they were little. My youngest continued to want me to read to him well into 6th grade. Such fun.


Wonderful... Don't forget the Book Fair! I don't remember book fairs in my school days, but SO looked forward to them during my kids' (usually held during conference time) -- all those portable bookcase cases!

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