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Mary Lu

Why is it that Ireland doesn't have any athletes? or do they? If I could compete I would love to ride on a skeleton or luge or bobsled (any one of those to feel the speed and G force). 2nd choice Super G skiing, again I want to experience the speed and to be in control the whole time and make it down alive.)
3rd choice, Pairs skating where my partner lifts me in the air and throws me and I land perfectly.


You put your heart and soul into watching the Olympics. You would have been an awesome Olympic athlete!! I want to be an aerialist!


Really liked your links to backstories. I would be a biathelete. None of that crazy 85 mph downhill for me.


You did see that the 'skip' for the US men's curling team is a manager of a restaurant/pub in Duluth, MN. Of course! I think every tavern in Wisconsin (and probably Michigan and Minnesota) have a curling rink outside in winter. I don't think you can do curling with out the beer... and during at least one time out (I think it was the Danes) I swear the men were really discussing wrapping up the game win or lose so they wouldn't lose their spots at the bar. lol
I don't think even in my prime I could begin to compete (even with the hours) with any of these people. They deserve their spot in the sun, win or lose.


Oh, I would do snowboardcross! Fast, flying fun -- AND you can see your competitors. Love it. Or I'd play hockey. (Also . . . my husband is a curler. Beer is ALWAYS involved.)


I think I'd try ski jumping. It looks like flying!


Another thought I had this winter olympics...the only real 'contact' sport in the winter olympics is Hockey...or am I wrong? Some you might have contact, ice dancing, or accidental bumping in some of the newer skiing events, but no purposeful contact.


That was a great post! You've made me wish I'd watched more! And my sport would be bobsledding, I'd love to go that fast.

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