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Ok. Castle. I do have some insomnia/can't fall asleep tricks. And I didn't miss the pictures until you mentioned it.

Mary Lu

New kitchen floor?? Can't wait to see it.
Castle: We are still trying to catch up to the rest of the world on that series. I do love Castle's playful, boyish comments and antics. He and Beckett are getting close....then not....close again....then not.
Sorry you have sleep issues, wish I could offer a solution.


Bed by 9:30. Up at 5:00. That's my routine. Your body clock has it's own ideas of what decent hours are. I find going to bed at the same time nights and waking at the same time daily, is the best way to keep my sanity.
Good luck with the house fixing. It's always a bigger job than imagined, but it changes to look so dramatically that it's always worth it.


Yay for another year of blogging! ;)

I love Castle!

Dust is a constant state of housekeeping around here, with or without the remodeling. I hate it!

Can't wait to see your new floor, though!

Left to my own devices, I am definitely a night owl. The work schedule for the past 10 years does not allow it, though I haven't given up yet. If I can get into bed by 11:00 on any given night, I'm doing well... light out by 12:00 is not ideal, 11:30 is better and MOST of the time... alarm goes off at 5:15.


No caffeine past noon ... or I will sleep very poorly, if I am able to get to sleep at all!

What were you going to have for breakfast? Those ingredients sound very interesting!

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