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I just knew this post was going to end with that. I'm sorry.


Oh. My. God. I wasn't prepared for that. I am so sorry for your loss. Your dad. The pot.



Oh Terry! Seconding every word of Claudia's comment. Hugs. Hoping you can replace it though I know it just won't be the same.




My heart just shattered, too. You have memories of him tied up in that little pot, but they're in your heart, too. It may feel broken, but it is filled with love for your dad and all that he gave you through his actions. xox

Mary Lu

My sudden gasp proves that I was totally not expecting that ending :( Oh poop, that just stinks. Any way to glue the pieces together so the pot can at least sit on a shelf? That's just sad :(


Sharon gave me a lovely set of 6 cereal/soup bowls that she decorated in her inimitable style. They sat on a shelf and I didn't use them for the longest time -- but she loved that she made functional pieces. So I've been using them. There are now 4.


Oh, I'm so sorry. My heart broke as I read about your teapot, too.


I agree with everything said previously here. And what a beautiful post describing your father!


I didn't see that coming. OW. I'm sorry. I would glue it together, and have it on the shelf instead of in use.


I don't know if you've saved the pieces or not, but there is a particular Japanese method of ceramic repair, kintsukoroi, using a gold filling. I am sure it's not cheap or easy to find someone who is trained in the art, but given the very precious memories of your pot, it might be worth looking into :: https://www.google.com/search?q=japanese+ceramic+repair&es_sm=91&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=4EC6U5y1BoWgyAS20oD4DA&ved=0CEUQsAQ&biw=1232&bih=779

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