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I think she's likely to win the Emmy too, which would mean she just needs the "G" for an EGOT! Can she sing, I wonder?


I've thought about trying Whisper Sync but I hate the idea of paying for a back twice. If they are discounted, though, then perhaps it's worth it. I mostly read books on my iPad or Kindle Paperwhite and I get them through OverDrive.


I know....does anyone really read to retain anymore? Does it matter? No, I don't regulate other people's fun, but, yeah, how come I can't do that? I would have no knitting. No spinning. No cooking. etc.


I couldn't even compete with that kind of reading. Sadly I don't read that much anymore. I get distracted and re-reading sections gets old. However, if it's a really good book, I get sucked in and read for long stretches. I am a tangible hold a book in my hand type of person, but maybe I should give audiobooks a try again. I used to when I was a visiting nurse and I had a long commute between patient's homes.


Usually, the books aren't discounted enough for me to buy both copies for Whispersyncing. I listen much more than I read, even with my Kindle. I'm so behind in my count for the year and have it just to see how many books I read, not for any competitive reason.

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