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Mary Lu

A woman was working the new Keurig in Kohls and giving out free samples. The new models can deliver 2 oz. up to filling up a pot and all the other sizes in between. Amber had a Chai Latte, wicked sweet. The woman said "Oh the first sip is sweet but once it cools a little it's not that sweet." Really? Yikes, from someone who ordered a black coffee, "I don't think so."


It really does feel like old homie blogger month!

I just read this to my husband, and he laughed too. Ruefully, as did I.


Yes, it's just like the good ol' days! I love it and love hearing what my long silent peeps have to say!
BTW, I'll stick to unsweetened ice tea.


I don't have a Starbucks near me (I know, right??) so it's not a temptation. I drink my coffee black, no sugar. It gets the job done and for no calories and that's how I like it. NaKniSweMo - I'm in, too, but I don't have high hopes for actually finishing.


I couldn't drink that either. Too sweet, and most things are too sweet for me now.


I don't drink those -- not that I'm against it -- my candy is just usually in a solid form. :-) I'm in on the sweater madness as well.


I drink my coffee black. The thought of sipping on a SCM makes my teeth hurt and my stomach rather twitchy.

I hate it when there isn't enough yarn and one has to eliminate rows in order for it to work. Pretty yarn.

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