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Caffeine, alas, is habit forming from a physiology point of view, so yeah, you get spanked when you don't listen. I have two cups per day of something caff'd. Religiously. Or else. If the headache comes on, even caffeine doesn't take it away. Or NSAIDs. Or prayer.


I love my coffee in the morning but I'm very fortunate in that I don't get a headache if I don't get my caffeine. I hope you stay headache free!


I haven't seen this weeks episode, but I am really excited to hear she came to her senses!
Anyway, My morning pot of tea (black) gets me through the whole day. I don't know if I could live without it, however. I hope you feel better quickly! xox


After almost a year of no caffeine, I started in with just a bit of it last week in Puerto Rico. I'm not sure if the re-caffeination experiment has been successful.


Who is Olivia Pope?

As for caffeine, I usually get a headache every Yom Kippur when I fast. I didn't this year. Then again, I took a nap most of the afternoon. I prayerful nap, I might add. ;-)


Not affected by caffeine the way you are thankfully. However since January, I stopped drinking coffee in the more and opt for herbal teas instead. If I feel like I'm flagging in the afternoon I may have a cup of coffee black. Now that it's colder out I pretty much drown myself in hot herbal tea all day to stay warm. Hope the headache vanishes.


Couple of cups and Fitz IS disgusting. I'm three weeks behind but clearly by your comment he's still disgusting and she's still stupid! I can't wait!

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